365 days is a both a long and short amount of time. Long because there are times when it feels that negativity will prevail and difficult situations are a constant state, but short when you see how much your children have grown and developed or how far you have come professionally or personally or both. More than any other year, 2016 felt both long and short to me.

Now that we are a couple days into 2017, I’m thinking about my goals, hopes, and dreams for 2017 and I’m excited for what the year holds, but scared too. Hopeful as I am blessed with a number of wonderful aspects of my life. I have two lovely and amazing girls, family and friends who love and support me, a job that I adore, and a number of exciting professional opportunities that I feel blessed to have coming up. I am so grateful for all those elements of my life, but they can also be daunting for so many reasons.

So after a conversation with my dear friend Donna Fry (@fryed), my #oneword2017 is courage. I’m changing my mindset and instead of feeling frightened, I’m going to be brave (or I’m going to tell myself to be brave anyway) and to face the challenges as they come while enjoying the little things along the way. Brene Brown says, “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen” and in order to make this change in my life, I need to let myself be seen more often through new experiences, challenging conversations, and using my voice rather than staying quiet. Letting myself be seen requires courage and thus, my word for 2017.

A scary yet exciting journey of personal growth.






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