When I was in high school I made my first email account (remember Hotmail?) and when it prompted me to make a signature, I used my favourite quote from the wise baboon (he’s actually a mandrill even though he refers to himself as a baboon), Rafiki, from the Lion King, “Change is good… but it’s not always easy.” As someone who has never been satisfied with the status quo, (even in high school) that quote has always spoken to me and is still very relevant now that I’m an adult.

With moving to a new school in a new role, my learning curve in the past two months has been intense. Paying attention to the culture of the student body, acclimatizing to a new staff of colleagues, and coming into a role where things are different from my previous schools and trying to learn the in’s and out’s of how life unfolds, have made for a rich learning experience. I’ve had so many deep conversations about learning and life and found mentors in unexpected places. To me, that’s the beauty of change. The unexpectedness, the uncomfortable feelings, but the learning and connection with others that happens in these organic situations.

I’ve loved every minute of this new experience as I’m making connections both with previous experiences and with others, thinking of new ideas and possibilities for the learning of my students and myself, as well as seeing the world from different perspectives. So it makes me wonder… if I see change as such a positive experience, why is it scary for so many people? Is it just semantics? What if we changed the language? What if change became just learning? What if change was framed as a more positive (and possibly enjoyable) experience? What if “failure” was just more learning?

I know these are deep questions with complicated answers, but it’s a conversation (or realistically, multiple conversations) that we need to be having more often.



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