Tomorrow starts our single digit countdown until the end of the semester and I’m feeling blessed yet a bit sad. Blessed because this semester has been the highlight of my career thus far, but sad as these amazing young people will be leaving my classroom.

The 3UU class has had many amazing learning opportunities throughout the semester by connecting with others from all over the world. We used the tools at our disposal to broaden our thinking and invite other viewpoints into our conversation. We’ve also had the ability to share our thinking with others and to have authentic audiences for our voices. Finally, we have engaged in deeply meaningful projects that have furthered our learning, but also developed our communication and soft skills.

Through all those amazing experiences, I feel blessed to know the individuals in this class. They are deeply committed to learning, want to grow, care about the world, care about the well being of others, are creative and innovative, and have such a variety of skills and interests that have made this semester outstanding. We have had dynamic conversations and on so many days I left school feeling like I learned more from them than they did from me.

I firmly believe that these people are going to change the world and I feel privileged to know and have learned with them. Students like these are what makes me love being an educator.



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