I always really look forward to Monday nights because one of my favorite shows, The Voice, is on tv. I love singing, (in fact I wish I was a better singer) but I also love to see people grow and progress and The Voice has all of those things in one nice little two hour show. 

I have written before about Adam Levine and the growth mindset, but it occurred to me tonight that not only are they proponents of growth mindset, that all the coaches are master teachers. Week after week we see the growth and progression of each of their, for lack of a better word, “students”. The coaches give them feedback and the contestants use it to improve their skills.

In thinking about descriptive feedback, each of the coaches has a goal in mind for their student and they tailor their feedback in the best possible way for that respective student. For example their choice of language suits that individual student. They have a range of ages and personalities on a show and the individualized approach comes through in how they interact with their students. They use different language, different cultural references, and a different style of speaking such as a mother or father figure as opposed to a friend tone. They personalize the experience for the students, and to me, that is the hallmark of a strong teacher.

I also really appreciate how each of the coaches is so passionate about music. In thinking about a really quality teacher, the image that comes to my mind is somebody who is very invested in students, but also in instigating change. Each of the coaches references that what these individual artists can do is make their own impression on the music industry. And at the heart of it, they want to see music change and evolve and have more voices. I think the same way about education and I love seeing this parallel in another aspect of life. 

I love that teachers are all around us and I really appreciate that one my favorite shows has such great learning for me about how to be a better teacher.


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