Integrating Two Courses Into One

This semester I have my 3UU course. It’s a combination of grade 11 university English with Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology and I love it! The courses together are such a wonderful marriage of content and skills that provide excellent springboards for so many different activities. It is my second time through the course and as usual, I’m doing very little the same as last year. One aspect that I am being intentional about is what the expectations are for the course and how we are meeting them. When we start activities, I either ask the students to explain how they think they are meeting expectations or share how I see the goal of the activity. From this, I want to students to engage their complex thinking skills and realize that learning isn’t compartmentalized. For example, we spend much time researching about the various theories in the psych, soc, anthro course. The research then becomes an English skill as we evaluate the credibility of sources as well as generate, gather, and write for a specific audience. As another example, I asked the students to split into teams and research either nature or nurture.¬†Collaboration, research quality, reading for meaning, organizing data, speaking to communicate, and listening to understand all come out of this activity and I love that we can hit all these curriculum expectations in a highly engaging fashion all the while learning the HSP content.

Learning doesn’t happen in a bubble and I really appreciate being the one to help students on these journeys.


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