So tomorrow education here in Ontario is going to get messy. As a coping mechanism, I’m feeling the need to write a gratitude post.

I’m grateful for:

1. Our health care system here in Ontario – Cali, our youngest, has been diagnosed with epilepsy and with that comes tests, (EEG, MRI, with probably more in the coming months) specialist visits, and therapy sessions. We haven’t had to pay for any of this yet, but more importantly, we have experienced exceptional care from all the doctors, nurses, and office assistants. They know that this has been a difficult and scary time for our family and have treated us with empathy, kindness, and respect.

2. My daughter’s teacher and EA’s – Lexie, our oldest, is in junior kindergarten and was experiencing some issues with her peers. The teacher and EA’s listened to my concerns and took steps to eradicate the problem. It is obvious they care about the learning environment and want to ensure that every student feels safe and confident and I appreciate their efforts.

3. The warm and sunny weather we’ve had the last two weekends. This past winter was really long and I found that with the various stresses in my life, being able to be out in the warm sunshine helped rejuvenate my spirit.

4. My daughters and their goofiness. This week I have been serenaded by their renditions of Thinking Out Loud, Lost Stars, The Wheels on the Bus, Land of the Silver Birch, and of course, Jingle Bells. I’ve also had Lexie demonstrate her awesome dance moves in preparation for her recital as well as Cali throw her arms around my neck and say, “I wuve (love) you, Mommy.”

Even though I’m nervous for what the next few weeks will bring, I’m going to focus on both the literal and figurative rays of sunshine I have in my life.


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