One of the many characteristics that I love about my 3uu class is that they rise to challenges and are now challenging me as well. I’ve never had a class who has taken my own teaching style and turned it back on me and I love it!

One simple way they are challenging me is by now sending me resources and thought-provoking videos or images they have found in their personal learning. Two of my students sent me this video “Why I hate school but love education” and are pushing me to embody these ideals in my classroom. They often talk about how they wonder why they “need to know” some of the things they learn in other classes and in many cases are actually questioning why they get grades. What I really love, though, is that they aren’t afraid to have these conversations with me and talk about how they love to learn, but don’t feel that school is where they do most of their own learning. They are the ones questioning me and doing so with deep and thoughtful questions and reflections.

My latest challenge involves asking the students to consider their most latest reading (They are self selected groups reading one of Blink, Room, Macbeth, or Brain on Fire – chosen by consensus of the group) and to consider something from the text that has made them think. They are now in the process of making videos that express their thinking. What I love about what is happening is that this is all coming from them. My job has been to listen to their ideas, help them focus their thinking, and offer my support. The results, so far, have been awesome! They are exploring deep issues: making snap judgments about people without getting to know them, social isolation, greed/power/manipulation, and mental health awareness.

I am really looking forward to seeing the continued progress on these deep ideas.


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