Balance is a constant struggle for me. I have a young family with my oldest being in junior kindergarten. And with kindergarten comes germs… She has been fighting a persistent cough for a month now and even though I’ve had her to the doctor, it’s still there. I’ve booked her in again, but I’m concerned because she’s not kicking it.

Where this becomes a major problem for me is that the worry I feel about her is occupying part of my brain and I feel that it’s taking me away from my students. It’s really difficult for me to concentrate when I’m worried and although I do my best to mask this in the classroom, it’s still there eating away at me.

I would love to be at home with her today, but I was sick last week and had to stay home two days. Even though I spent part of both days working, the most crucial and important aspect of my job is the face to face interaction with the students. It’s the class discussions, the one on one conversations, and the personal connections that can’t be replicated through a screen. I feel that many of my colleagues view me as “that teacher that uses a lot of technology,” but that’s not me. I am the teacher that connects with her students (in a multitude of ways) and when my part of my mind is occupied with thoughts of my child, I don’t feel as effective in the classroom.

After my family, education is my passion and as I am on a learning journey, I am doing my best to navigate these waters. Many people around me have told me that having a young family is wonderful, yet one of the most difficult times in life and with this in mind, I feel that my learning about life is happening at warp speed…


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