One of my goals this year is to write along with my students. I feel it is so important to model what I want them to be doing and one aspect I haven’t done in the past is blog when I’ve given them time to express their ideas. Of course if they are requiring my assistance, I will help, but I think it’s very important for them to see that writing to express oneself is an important skill. Also, it will force me to get out of my head and collaborate more which is another goal I have for this year.

A third goal I have for myself is to be more organized and streamlined my life. I honestly had no idea how busy it is to be a working mom of two little kids. Kudos to you parents of more than two kids out there as I really don’t know how you do it. In terms of organization I spent a lot of time over the summer researching how other moms and families keep everything running smoothly. What I learned is that there are so many awesome strategies out there and I then spent a great deal of time thinking about what would work for my personality and the other members of my household.

Here is what I am doing:

1. Meal Plan – I bought a dry erase calendar and planned out all our meals for the month of September.

2. Freezer Meals – I got together with my awesome neighbour and spent a morning putting crock pot meals together then threw them in the freezer.

3. Freezer List – I bought two dry erase boards and put one on my fridge and one on my freezer. On each, I wrote what the freezer contains so that I always know what I have on hand.


4. Paper Planner – yes, I went old school and carry a paper planner in my purse. It is more reliable than my iPhone 3Gs at the moment…

5. Google Calendar – everything that I put into my paper planner also goes into my GCal and I’ve set it up that I get an email reminder of the event. When we upgrade our phones, I plan to sync my calendar with my husband’s so we will always know each other’s (and the kids’) schedules.

6. Lexie – I also am trying to incorporate Lexie more into our family organizational strategies. She is 4 and enjoys helping out around the house so we encourage it. She knows that every day the dishwasher needs to be unloaded and she helps. She has also started to help fold laundry which I think is great. One thing she doesn’t do well with is change, and we have also started prepping her for things that are happening. At the very least, we chat every night at dinner about what is coming up in the next few days and we also try to give her some reminders so that she can acclimatize herself to the various situations. 

I know this is a departure from my typical thinking about education, but I’m wanting to change the focus of my blog from education to more of the idea of learning and this has been part of my learning over the past few months…




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