The election is now less than two days away and I am nervous. Politics is usually not one of my focuses, however, if Hudak wins, my career is in jeopardy. I am quite certain I would be one of the 22,700 people to lose his or her job if the Progressive Conservatives come to power. And quite honestly, this scares me.

One of the most frustrating elements of the whole “fire 100,000 people to create 1 million jobs” is that the human element is nonexistent. I wonder if people have sat down and considered who (colleagues, neighbours, friends, family, etc.) is going to be impacted by his cuts.

As an HSP teacher, the social scientist in me is curious to see how the people of Ontario would react if actual faces of people who would be fired by the PC’s were to be on display for a day.

So here’s my experiment: I’m going to write this and include my photo with the hashtag #humanelementhudak . It would be awesome if others were to join in to promote the human element of this whole platform.

Thank you in advance,



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