Every now and then when there’s a lot of negativity around, I feel compelled to write a post counting my blessings. I find that sometimes I spend too much time in my head and this helps ground me. So here goes:

I’m thankful for:
– my family: it’s been an easier transition back to work than I had anticipated. My little girls are really happy with their caregiver and I know because of how she reacted when Cali was sick, that she is an excellent fit for them.
– my job: I’m really enjoying Cameron and am so thrilled to be a permanent member of the school!
– the supportive people in my life: I’ve been so blessed to work for a wonderful principal who believes in my abilities even though I’ve only been at the school for a couple of months. I’m also working with amazing colleagues in the English department at Cameron who have been there for me both professionally and personally. Finally, I have some excellent colleagues throughout the WRDSB who have encouraged, collaborated, and taught me so much in the last few months

Finally, I’m thankful for the students I teach. I’ve had some really interesting and engaging conversations with students and I have been so impressed with the citizens they are at such young ages. Cameron tends to have a bad reputation in terms of behaviour, but it’s an unfair judgement. So many of my students are kind and caring individuals who have demonstrated that they possess compassion and empathy and it is the students I teach who make going to work everyday a privilege and honour I hold dear.


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