I had a student remark to me today that I haven’t blogged in a while and it made me stop and think about why this is the case. It’s not that I don’t have things to write about – I’ve started numerous posts in my head – it’s more that I’m stressed and writing even though I find it cathartic, just hasn’t been a priority.

I’ve been more concerned about my family with the passing of my grandfather, my girls as both of them have been sick with Cali being extremely sick earlier this week, and then we just had report cards and all the marking, nagging for assignments, and general frustration at the situation. (That’s another blog post…)

It’s all lead up a writer’s block for me.

It’s also not that I haven’t had good things happen to me too. I’ve found out that I have a permanent home now at Cameron which is amazing! I really love working there and I’m surrounded by really caring and kind individuals (both staff and students). I’ve also joined the Futures Forum group here in WRDSB (my dream!) and am loving the collaborative and creative spirit from this passionate group of educators.

Taking a few minutes to reflect on this aspect of my life makes me think about the really powerful effects of stress. It’s been especially apparent this week as I’ve really been thinking about Cali and have been distracted. It’s hard to focus as I find my mind constantly slipping back to her and thinking about if she’s okay or what I could have done to make her situation different. It’s a good reminder for when students come to my classroom and they are dealing with issues unrelated to my class. It also reminds me that I have to be a role model when it comes to dealing with stress as it is an aspect of life that we all deal with at some point. It’s just not one of my favourite aspects of life…


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