I love my weekly hip hop class, but tonight, my brain just wasn’t in it. I usually love challenging my mind to get the steps down while simultaneously challenging my body to move the way I want it to, (side note: this requires a lot of concentration for me) however, my brain was zoned out. Granted, I have a lot on my mind right now, (as we all do) but on my drive home, I was frustrated with myself. Frustrated that I couldn’t get out of my head to have the usual amount of fun this class provides and frustrated that I didn’t get the work out I was craving because I couldn’t put all the steps together properly. 

However, what my zoned out brain did remind me about is that there are days when students come to my class feeling the exact same way. Something is going on in their lives and it’s consuming them-  they are physically present but mentally absent. It’s my job to guide them to be as successful as they can despite this blockage… Which I need to do for next week’s class.


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