It’s Friday night and I have the first week of school under my belt, but my brain just won’t turn off yet. The week was great as I loved being back in the classroom and I have been so very welcomed at Cameron Heights, but I really must thank the Special Education department for assigning me an EA for two of my classes.

I have two sections of grade ten applied English and we have had a good first few classes, but there are A LOT of students. And, as my teaching style centres greatly on cooperative learning and group work, I spend most of the class helping students either one on one or in small groups which can be difficult in a large class. Therefore, I’m so appreciative that I have Kim in my classes. She has embraced my style of teaching and jumped right in. It is a blessing having her there and I really believe she is going to be integral to the success of both classes.

So thank you CHCI Spec Ed, but especially thanks to Kim.

On a side note, the government really needs to spend time in classes with EA’s to see the crucial role these individuals play in the classroom. I think then they would realize that they are one occupation that is severely underfunded and extremely underpaid.


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