It’s a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon here and therefore the perfect day to begin preparing my ECOO presentation. Now, I’m going to upfront and honest, I’m trying something new for me and I’m willing to take the risk that it might flop, but I wanted to try to be different.

My #ecoo13 presentation centres on co-learning in the classroom. It’s an area that I find really quite fascinating as I love hearing what my students are interested in, seeing how they learn and learning new things, myself. Unfortunately, I feel that there is still quite a strong stigma in education that teachers are the holders of all the information and students learn from us.

So as I started my research into this field, I am not finding that there is much out there about teachers and students learning together. There is a great deal about co-operative learning and students teaching each other as well as teachers collaborating with other teachers but not a lot about students and teachers working together in the classroom. So here’s where you come in, good people in my PLN: I would be very appreciative if you could reply in the comments or tweet me (@msjweir) a comment about what co-learning looks like in your or another teacher’s classroom. If you have a link to a blogpost about this topic, that would be great too. Or photos or videos or anything else that can demonstrate co-learning in a classroom.

My presentation at #ecoo13 is a scaffolded discussion stye and by no means am I an expert on this topic. Rather, I am hoping that I am going to learn just as much as anyone who chooses to attend my session. I would also love to include authentic examples of co-learning in the classroom and hopefully others will indulge me on this plight.

Thank you in advance,


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