When I became a teacher, some of the best advice I was given is “to pick your battles wisely.” Now that I’m a parent of a toddler, that advice means so much more as there seem to be battles at every turn 😉

What I don’t understand is why the Ontario government didn’t follow this age-old wisdom when dealing with the short fall in the economy. Teachers agreed to a wage freeze way back in the spring and help the government out, but why did they feel the need to go so much further and strip us of our bargaining rights? We did our part, why haven’t they looked elsewhere to make up the short fall? What has been the purpose of all this animosity? At this point, nothing has really been accomplished other than much frustration for us as well as parents.

I just don’t understand. We teach our students to look for a fair resolution to issues, not to slander others in person and/or through social media and to consider all the options before acting. At this point, all these positive attributes have gone out the window as we have not been given a fair opportunity to resolve the issues, been consistently slammed by the media and the public (just read the comments after articles from The Globe and Mail and Toronto Sun) and have not had our ideas considered at all by the government. All this creates a really tense working environment.

It just leaves me wondering…


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