One of my go-to tools for professional and student learning is Twitter. I have connected with so many amazing educators around the world and honestly, I don’t think I can express how much this has benefitted me as a classroom teacher. I have learned, grown, and developed friendships that have helped to make me into the teacher I am today.

As I love Twitter and it tends to get a bad reputation in the education world, I’ve been trying to demonstrate to my students and colleagues how it can be used in a means that is not sharing crazy cat videos, what people had to eat today or a place to complain about life. My good friend Danika Barker has used it for the past few years now to tweet out the story of Hamlet and so a couple of us WRDSB teachers decided to try tweeting A Midsummer Night’s Dream with our grade ten academic level classes. I am so thankful that we took Danika’s idea and ran with it because it has been some of the best learning I’ve done in a long time!

Some observations:
– each student is accountable for a role in the play and what they tweet demonstrates their understanding of the text – it is more than obvious who understands the play and who does not
– the students are very aware of Internet memes and some can incorporate them seamlessly into their character
– some students are excellent multi-taskers and can easily navigate between windows writing tweets, finding images on the web to support their thinking as well as carrying on multiple conversations with other characters
– some students have awesome imaginations and demonstrated much creativity when given a forum such as this
– the students spent a lot of time deciphering meaning for themselves and if they couldn’t figure something out, then they asked for clarification rather than expecting me to explain my thoughts first
– Shakespeare is fun! They LOVED making fun of the story as it is quite ridiculous…

Overall, it’s been a wonderful learning experience and I am looking forward to our multi-class collaboration this week!


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