I really have to stop reading the comments at the end of news articles. Teachers are yet again in the media spotlight with today being the first day of job sanctions and I am so sick of everyone having an opinion about my profession. I understand that since everyone has been to school they have an opinion on what it means to be a teacher, but what other profession has their contract constantly scrutinized by the public?

Seriously, what right does every person have to comment on how much money I make or what my benefits are and pension will be? I don’t go around commenting on how other people do their jobs or how much money anyone else makes, so why is it we are constantly under the microscope? There are so many public sector workers whom the tax payers “pay for” and yet we are the ones who take all the heat. All jobs have positives and negatives and the arguments about us getting the summers off and sweet benefit packages are getting so old. We get paid for 194 teaching days. Our salary is based on the days we work so therefore our summers are unpaid. If people want us to teach more days of the year, then it’s the Ontario government that should be criticized since they dictate the school year, not the teachers.

Finally, the timing of our second child could not be better since all this negativity is bothering me at a really deep level. I have never felt so personally attacked for something that is out of my control and for something that is such a fundamental part of me as a person. I don’t understand how so many people can be so critical and condescending and forget that we are human beings and not some mass enemy of the public…


5 thoughts on “Teacher Bashing

  1. Hi Ms Weir,
    I couldn’t just read your post and move on without responding! It’s a pity that this problem is something that Canadian and Australian teachers share… and sadly there is no solution – well, none that I have found and I’ve been in this profession since 1982 😉 The issue though is how we choose to respond and we don’t have to let it get under our guard if we don’t want to. Your Wellbeing and your happiness are too important than to listen to the feral comments of these sorts of trolls. We do what we do because we love learning, we are blessed with the opportunity to spend our days with young people who inspire us to keep going, and we can enjoy the company of fellow professionals who make many sacrifices to do what we do.
    Feel better soon,
    Kind regards, Deb (@debhoggoz)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s one of those issues where every news report here in Ontario mentions us and it’s almost always in a negative light. I know it will end eventually, and that the whole public isn’t against us, but I just wish we could be left alone to do our job.

      It’s such a negative vibe in the province right now that I feel like people who don’t know me or what I do in the classroom have such a preconceived notion because I’m a teacher. It just hurts my heart since this behaviour is what I try to prevent from happening in my classroom but we are experiencing it in our regular lives from strangers and others who feel that we have it too good.

      I appreciate your kindness and support. It’s pretty amazing to have that worldwide compassion 🙂

  2. Sigh…. I know. I know. I feel so anxious and defensive about it each day, it makes it hard to focus on teaching. It they only knew how much we care about the kids and how badly we just want to do a good job in spite of all the nonsense we put up with each day…

  3. Yeah. I feel your pain. And anger. And frustration. And… Well, you get it. This too shall pass. I remember fighting on some early newspaper comment threads back about a decade ago during a similar fiasco. I learned that there is always someone out there ready to make comments that rile me up, so I learned to read, laugh at the stupidity when I could, and get back to life. Most of the time. 😉 Just remember that bullies very often go for easy targets.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Colin. I’m doing my best to not let it get to me, but it got to me last night 😉

      We’re all in this together and I’m glad we have each other to rely on 🙂

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