Tonight is our semester one parent teacher interview evening and as I’m an outside the box thinker for my students, I am trying something new for their parents. I am currently teaching ENG 2DI and we are blogging on a weekly basis. Since I am very much a proponent of self and peer feedback, I have devised a method to include a parental spin as well.

Today in class, I am asking my students to fill out a google document that I created that contains a table with columns for their name, favourite blog post written up until now, strengths, areas for improvements and next steps. The students will be choosing the post they have written thus far that they consider to be their best piece of writing or their favourite. They will be thinking about ideas like style, content, opinion expression, readability, peer engagement, etc., and thinking about how they can improve for the second half of the semester. I will then share the post they have selected with their parents, ask them for their feedback as well as discuss my own ideas. Hopefully, many of my students will attend with their parents so that we may have a full group discussion.

It’s something different and what I hope demonstrates my focus on learning and good writing skills as opposed to grades. I guess we shall see!


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