This week is the ECOO 2012 conference and I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited to be attending again this year. It’s such a great opportunity to network face to face with the people I collaborate with in an online method all year round. I really appreciate getting to actually chat and catch up with these people as although I’m inspired by their digital presences, you just can’t beat face to face interaction.

Another reason I enjoy this conference is that it gives me some quality time with my dad. I really appreciate that this is something he and I get to attend together every year. The conference provides great fodder for discussion (especially on the drives there and back) as we have different interests and usually attend different sessions. It’s quality family time and for that, I am very thankful. 🙂


One thought on “Excitement for #ecoo12

  1. I’m jealous, Jamie. I wanted to talk to your Dad about a few things about Symposium but he was always, always engaged with someone else. A highlight for me was a chance to have a chat with you. All the best…

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