I am an avid reader. I spend a lot of time with my nose buried in my iPad reading about a variety of topics and ideas. In fact, if I’ve had a super busy day and not been able to read much, I feel kind of lost and out of the loop. It’s just something that’s a part of me and has always been a major aspect of my life.

That’s why today I was really surprised to hear a number of students in my grade ten academic class say they don’t read much at all. We were talking about good blogging and specifically about @dougpete’s post from this morning. One of his suggestions for being a successful blogger is to read a lot and my students seemed quite surprised that reading can make you a better writer. I then took an informal poll of the class and very few students seemed to read articles on the web or inclined to pick up a novel for fun.

It leaves me wondering why? So many people get such enjoyment out of reading that it makes me concerned to see so many students (especially at the academic level) not engaging in this past time. Maybe it’s a product of super busy schedules, being forced to read at school, being picky readers, it isn’t “cool” or a whole other host of reasons, but I hope that at some point my students can find enjoyment in it as I feel like it is an activity that can only have positive rewards.

The final thing I’m concerned about is that we live in an age where students have so much access to information and I got the impression that there isn’t the curiosity to learn more. It’s something I definitely need to foster in the next few months….


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