I love to write. When I was a kid, it was in a diary and for the last few years, my blog has given me a great sense of satisfaction. It’s a place where I can flesh out my thoughts, gain insights of others and relieve some of the multitude of thoughts bouncing around in my head.

As an English teacher, I really encourage my students to write and help them become (hopefully at least somewhat) proficient writers. I know many teachers place great importance on “the writing process” and although I believe in it as well, I wonder if our current process is antiquated.

My writing process involves the following: an idea or ideas roll(s) around in my head for an hour or a couple of days depending on the complexity of the idea and/or the time I have in a day (which right now isn’t much), I write the post on WordPress, edit as I go along, reread at least twice and then upload my post. If I’m writing for another purpose (my annual learning plan, a eulogy or something else) my writing process is similar although I often chunk my writing, finish it at least a day before it’s required and then reread it at least once more before I share it with someone else.

What I wonder is are we teaching an antiquated process by expecting students to brainstorm, write a rough draft (especially on paper) and then complete a good copy?


One thought on “The Writing Process

  1. I don’t think the brainstorming aspect of the writing process is antiquated. I think it is incredibly important to consider all possible ideas for a writing piece. I do think, however, that writing a rough draft on paper is unnecessary. It is simply an extra step that isn’t needed. What is needed is a rough draft (on a computer) that is, as you said, left for at least one day before the final edit. The clarity (or lack of clarity) you get after taking a break from being so close to your writing helps to ensure that your ideas are expressed appropriately. I also think that it is important to have an outside reader give feedback on your writing, depending on the task.

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