If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that most of the time I write about education, but this post is dedicated to the fact that I am still amazed by the things technology can do.

1. The last few months have been really difficult for my 85 year old grandfather. He spent the last six months dealing with my grandma’s illness which led to her eventual passing in August. It’s been an especially tough few weeks for him, but technology has made this time a little better. One thing my grandfather has done is spend time with my parents which means he has spent much time on FaceTime with our daughter, Lexie. He also has his own laptop which he has spent time learning to use so that he can email us. According to my mom, he is quite looking forward to receiving pictures of Lexie. Even though this may seem like basic technology, it is stimulating his mind and I think that is so important for someone his age and in his situation.

2. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of one of my university friends. He is a great guy and we are so happy he has found a lovely girl in which to share his life. Over the course of the wedding it became quite clear that the bride’s father was unable to be physically present with his daughter due to a debilitating disease. With the amazing technology we have available, he was able to virtually attend the wedding through the wireless connection of the hotel, an iPad and Skype. It was beautiful but what really struck me was that this would have been very difficult even five years ago when my husband I got married.

These were just two experiences that made stop and reflect on life and the amazing advances in technology.


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