So it’s a couple days before the beginning of school and I’m pretty excited. I love my job. I love helping kids and I love learning. I’m really looking forward to getting back in the classroom and seeing what my new school has to offer.

Unfortunately, this year I’m quite a bit nervous. Not for the classroom aspect, but for the political climate in which we are living. I’m not someone who is very vocal about my political ties as I feel how you vote is a very personal decision, but right now I am so frustrated with how teachers are being portrayed in the media by the Liberal party. What the Liberals forget is that most of us genuinely love our jobs and are quite passionate about our chosen profession. It is so frustrating to constantly be thrown under the bus as this negativity filters into the classroom through both student and parental treatment of us.

And unfortunately for me, being as I live in an area that is having a bi election next week, I am getting offensive and untrue literature left on my doorstep. I understand political jockeying is part of competing in an election, but next time the Liberals need to get their facts straight and stop unfairly slandering the profession I love and the colleagues I admire.


2 thoughts on “Political Scapegoats

  1. Liberals are desperate. Which is no excuse for their deplorable tactics. Trying to put down the NDP by stating that support of teachers is bad is the same as saying teachers should not be supported. You (and all the great teachers) have my sympathy and support.

  2. Good for you for speaking up! I’ve met a number of teachers the last few days while out canvassing and you’re not alone.
    It’s such a sad and cynical tactic the McGuinty Liberals are using. It’s the kind of politics I have no use for. Here’s hoping your school year is a good one and thanks for the work you do!

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