Today we had our final year end assembly and as I’m being transferred to a different school for next year, I was called up on stage for a good bye. I didn’t have any idea what the student saying good bye to me would say, but I was truly touched by his kind words.

I’m going to record some of them here, not as a means of bragging, but more so as a place for me to remember what the students I have taught this past year think of me. In his speech, the student said he asked his classmates for adjectives to describe me. “Rad, wicked, sweet” and “that iPad lady” were some of the words or phrases used, but what really touched me was that he called me “the future of education”. I don’t think he could have said anything that could have meant more than that phrase. I’m so honored and privileged that words can’t describe what that single comment means to me.

On a funny note, I told him it was awesome that he wrote his speech on his iPhone and he told me it was “only appropriate” for me 🙂


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