I am very blessed in my current position. I work at a great school, teach awesome classes, but one of the ways that I am blessed the most is that I have an EA (educational assistant) in my grade ten applied class. I have a large number of students with IEP’s and she is there to offer support to those students, but she also helps any other student who is requiring assistance.

In all honesty, our class wouldn’t be as successful or as productive without her. She offers keen insight to our discussions, encourages all students to be successful and is a supportive ear to anyone who needs to chat. In this time of cutbacks, (especially in special education) I feel even more blessed to have her in my classroom. I just wish the government and people who hold the purse strings would take some time to visit classrooms with EA’s to see how integral they are to education. It might make them think twice about cutting that part of the budget.


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