The education world seems really crazy busy to me right now. Between the striking BC teachers, our contract negotiations and all the regular everyday stereotypes about teachers, (especially with March break beginning a week from today) I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. So this post is dedicated to what we do that sometimes people don’t see and to help explain why many of us fall asleep by 9pm on Friday nights.

– We have many interchanges (many positive but some negative) throughout the course of the day. I teach 75 students and strive to talk to every single one every day and some of them get multiple discussions with me so that alone can be very mentally taxing.

– We have to ensure that we have our lessons planned in such a way that they are meaningful for all the students in our classrooms which requires much time and creativity.
My three classes are extremely different so it takes a lot of outside the box thinking to attempt to make them engaging and meaningful for all my students.

– We often play more roles than just teacher/learner. We are mother or father figures, counsellors, detectives, coaches, cheerleaders, collaborators, etc.

– For me, however, the aspect of the job that I find the most challenging is learning about the backgrounds of some of my students. I am a rather soft-hearted individual and the issues and backgrounds some of my students deal with absolutely astounds me. To be honest, the fact that some students make it to school is a feat in itself and that is so far from the charmed life many of us have experienced in our personal lives…

I didn’t write this to gain sympathy for teachers as I know that many people experience stress and difficulties in their own jobs, but I just wanted to mention some aspects that maybe aren’t always considered when thinking of our profession.


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