Today was a snow day here in Waterloo Region. The roads are slick and working in a school that has a large contingent of students who depend on the bus, means that we don’t have many students here today. This scenario can seem frustrating, but I’ve actually found it pretty useful and enjoyable.

As I’ve written about before, I love being able to make a personal connection with my students. Only having 6 or 8 students is pretty amazing for being able to have one to one conversations about learning and about interests outside of school.

Today I learned the following:
-art is really important to many of my students and that I have some really talented artists in my classes
-I have two students who are planning to study forensics in university
-my students view English class as important for encouraging critical thinking but sometimes don’t always enjoy the material
-that students want to think outside the box and be challenged with tasks that will help them develop this kind of thinking
-my students appreciate when I put myself out there to be critiqued (I had them read one of my previous posts)

It was a really eye-opening experience and I’m thankful for these days and the ability to get to know my students further. I have some other ideas now to keep in the back of my mind while planning my lessons.


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