On my commute this morning, the local radio station was discussing a recent ban on Ugg boots by a Philadelphia school district because students were hiding their cell phones in the boots then using them in class. The radio announcers were discussing how cell phones in the classroom are a bad thing, but they didn’t believe banning the boots was really going to make a difference because they figured students would just hide them somewhere else.

Since I’m a big proponent of byod and challenging the thinking of others, I phoned in to discuss what I do in my classroom. I shared how as the teacher, I have my cell phone out on my desk and I model appropriate cell phone etiquette. I then talked about how we have class discussions about being good digital citizens. From their positive responses, it seems like I made them rethink cell phone use and how teachers can approach the cell phone issue. Hopefully it made other listeners think too.

On a funny note, a member of my admin team heard my voice on the radio and enjoyed teasing me for my morning sound bite 🙂


2 thoughts on “Modeling

  1. I encourage the use of portable web-enabled devices in my class all the time (but I wouldn’t have had the guts to call into a radio station like you did, kudos!).
    In particular, in my grade 12 chemistry class, I post answers to all homework and handout questions on the course website I maintain for the students and parents. To make getting to the answers easier (instead of navigating the website), I provide QR-codes right on their handouts that point directly to the answers. My class wouldn’t be the same without those devices!

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