I have been blessed with some absolutely fabulous classes this semester who, on a regular basis, blow me away with their creativity and depth of thought. In my 4UI class, the students are presenting their third part of the ISU assignment which is a group project about a novel of their choosing.

The third part of the assignment is complex and requires students to create questions in a variety of styles about their novel then provide answers, find a famous quotation that relates to their novel then create a journal prompt and write an exemplar, choose three characters from the novel then select a relevant quote which they will then use to deconstruct and analyze the character and finally, design and create a creative connection to the novel (poem, song, art, etc.)

My students have been presenting their work and I am overwhelmed by the products I am receiving! We watched a very funny discussion between Stephen Harper and a fictitious character from a novel, listened to a couple of poems, viewed a gallery of art created in the style of children, looked through two scrapbooks and listened to an explanation of a piece of art. The art really caught my attention as the two girls who created the piece are quite talented and they decided to not only paint a beautiful piece, but they added in the challenge of having it be in the style of a famous painter. They chose Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” as their inspiration and the result is beyond my greatest expectations. They aligned the various characters to represent the social hierarchy of the novel (The Other Boleyn Girl), they used the physical appearances and body language to demonstrate how the characters felt about the others around them and they put objects on the plates to represent the characters’ personalities. Such phenomenal depth of thought, character analysis and communication of ideas all without writing a single word!

I would not have seen this from an essay. The beauty (both literally and figuratively) of this assignment was that the students created a project that complimented and showcased their strengths. Projects like these completely solidify my beliefs that we need to be incorporating this personalization of learning into education as the outcomes are amazing.

Here is a photo of the beautiful artwork by my students.



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