Many of the education blogs I read have been lamenting the idea of grades and I’m feeling the same frustration…

My 4UI class completed an amazing ebook project where they analyzed characters from Hamlet using some kind of creative avenue. (I will share the finished ebook here soon.) Even though the finished products are absolutely amazing, I have been procrastinating on “marking” them. I have given a lot of feedback to the students by praising both their depth of thought as well as creativity, but assigning an actual grade has been mentally taxing on me as I’m worried that it will detract from the learning that took place during the project.

The students wrote reflective pieces about the task and their feedback is really inspiring. Many students discussed how they had never thought about characters this way and enjoyed sharing ideas with students from @richfarm’s school. They also discussed how they learned a lot about real world collaboration and accountability (which in all honesty might be the most beneficial aspect of the project) but I’m worried that assigning a grade (even a good one) will devalue the learning that took place.

As these are 4UI level students, I will obviously be assigning a grade, but it leaves me wondering about its consequences…


2 thoughts on “Grading vs Feedback

  1. Give them all 100% Sounds like the learning was more important than the ‘mark’. Hard sell I know, but what’s more valuable, sorting them, or validating their work and learning?

  2. My kids have even commented on essay tests and how there is always something that I don’t give them a chance to discuss. They hate it (me too). And I told them honestly that it always bothered me that they discarded knowledge, critical response if it did not get graded. They were surprised at my perspective, so I dove in and we talked about learning as a 24/7 thing–for me as well as for them. It is the human condition. Now I just wish I had better short term answers to the “assessment” of learning…

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