Yesterday I had one of those unexpected but totally amazing moments that only people who work with students can experience. I teach grade twelve college level English and one of the many things I love about my students is the relationship I have with them. I feel like we have a community in that class and they feel comfortable asking me questions about life outside the walls of our classroom.

I have a small class and make it a goal to talk to every student every day about class, but also about their outside interests and consequently, many of them do the same for me. It’s really quite humbling that they are interested in my life and even though many people criticize this generation as being selfish and narcissistic, this one action demonstrates to me that they, collectively, have strong character and are going to be responsible citizens.

I really don’t understand the constant criticism of this generation. They are good kids and I think sometimes we just need to take some time to talk with them to realize this fact.


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