One of my goals this year was to break down the walls of my classroom and through the wonder of Adobe Connect and, we were able to have a conversation with Danika Barker’s class. Danika’s class is tweeting in character about the play, Hamlet, (@danikabarker/brevity-2-0) and since we are studying Hamlet, it was the perfect opportunity for a conversation.

Some highlights:
-my students got to share some of their interpretations of the characters and ask why their opinions differed from Danika’s students
-our students had a conversation about Ophelia’s character through todaysmeet that I didn’t even know about until our debrief discussion (I was too busy trying to share our verbal questions and listen for Danika’s responses to spend too much time monitoring the back channel)
-my students praised Danika’s students playing the “diggers” for their comedic abilities
-my students were able to offer some constructive criticism for some of Danika’s students
-we have planned to connect again after the holidays to discuss how the rest of the play

Overall, what I think was really poignant about the class was that the students were interacting about the play, but we also delved into discussions about social media and how they believed their characters would have acted if they had access to Twitter. I really enjoyed the depth of thinking and listening to the conversations that unfolded by giving the students this opportunity. Thanks again, Danika 🙂


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