Three Week Reflection:

-we are using far less paper
-students are checking my website more often as well as accessing our work on Edmodo
-the back channel is firmly entrenched in our classroom activities through
-students are spending more time reading (although they might not realize it!)
-we are able to access current events much easier and discuss real world problems with them finding the articles and events rather than me doing the leg work
-we have conversed and collaborated with other classes outside our school and school board
-I have heard more student voices in the classroom as some of my quieter students feel comfortable conversing in an online environment
-students are teaching me more applications and tricks on the iPad

-some students have been “silly” and lost their use of the iPad for a week
-there are some limitations that we encounter along the way- for example the Photoshop Express app allows you to edit an image but doesn’t seem to allow you to layer multiple images like Photoshop on the computer

Overall, my most interesting and positive observation has to be that my classroom has moved further down the learner centered spectrum of education. The students want to engage with each other and in many respects, I don’t think they realize that what they are doing is learning because they are having fun. They also take the initiative and extend the thinking especially through the use of a back channel. These observations make me even more thankful that I have the opportunity to test this pilot project.


One thought on “iPad Project 5

  1. Thanks for the reflection. Awesome stuff! Thought I would point out that your second con can be eliminated through the use of other apps. If you want layers, Sketchbook allows for layers as do many others.

    Just trying to be helpful 🙂

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