My students are loving the iPads. As I view these machines as so much more than just a word processing tool, I’ve been attempting to incorporate creative uses in my daily lesson plans.

One such plan was to have my grade twelve college level students pretend to be a character from the class novel and then get interviewed by another student in the class. I asked them to video the interview and the response from the students surprised me. They were hesitant to video themselves talking. I didn’t anticipate this reaction as upon receiving the iPads, many of them immediately opened Photobooth and began taking photos of themselves. I could spend some time theorizing as to why they wouldn’t want to video themselves, but I think that might be a waste of my time. So I’ve chalked it up to one of those mysterious aspects of working with teenagers.

And the journey continues…


3 thoughts on “iPad Project 2

  1. Have you ever used puppet pals, the director’s cut? They could take these pictures, cut them out and then record the conversation they have about the topic. You can also create your own backgrounds.

  2. Many people are the same way, not just students. Ask a colleague if you cna video them working. I bet majority are hesitant. Kind of odd, I agree, but it’s a psychology thing. Keep at it, and like Euen suggested, find alternative ways. I bet something will work.

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