Giving up control isn’t easy. As teachers, we seem to want to micromanage every last detail about our classrooms, but we know now that this isn’t what’s best for learning. With this in mind, Mr. Farmer and I have given our 4u students a great deal of freedom for our collaborative Hamlet project.

Today I spent most of the class conferencing with each group about their ideas and what they are coming up with is so incredible! We have given them two parameters:
1. they are to visually depict a character’s emotional journey throughout the play and
2. their finished product will be published in an ebook.

Here are some of the creative ideas flowing:
-Gertrude is going to write a blog about her feelings complete with images or art work to supplement the writing
-Hamlet’s journey is going to be a food chain where his initial emotions are constantly getting swallowed up by more emotions
-Ophelia’s emotions are going to be portrayed through a sideshow with each slide containing a different emotion (some images to be student created artwork)
-Gertrude group 2 is going to chronicle her journey using the board game Candy Land as an organizational tool and backdrop for her feelings
-Polonius is going to be “photo-bombed” into a picture of Hamlet’s sword (I’m not sure where this is going but I’m curious to see how it plays out)

The best part is that Mr. Farmer and I didn’t come up with any of these ideas- the students did. They have taken complete ownership and therefore our roles are now to help facilitate their ideas and provide feedback. It’s truly powerful learning.


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