One of my favorite things about being a teacher is observing my students. Today is the first day of my iPad project and it was really interesting to watch my 4U students work on their analysis of a character from Hamlet with members of Mr. Farmer’s class.

So far what I think and hope my students are learning:
– just because you don’t physically know a person doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate and come up with something amazing
– you don’t have to answer worksheets full of questions to understand what’s going on in the play
– the process of a task is almost always more important than the final product
– teachers don’t know everything and we ask questions (as modeled by the constant imessaging with Mr. Farmer done in front of the students)
– working with others can be challenging but is a necessary skill for life


One thought on “iPad Project 1

  1. It sounds like you are off to a great start! I was talking to the 4U students at DCVI about the project when they were working in the library the other day and they sounded very excited about it!

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