Being a parent is wonderful. Over the past year I have been truly blessed to have had the honour of getting to know such a sweet, kind, funny, excitable and loving little girl and I honestly can’t believe my maternity leave is soon coming to an end.

Obviously Lexie has been learning about life since the day she was born, but it’s been in the last couple of months that she has begun to demonstrate her learning on a daily basis. As a teacher, it’s fascinating to observe her acquisition of new knowledge and skills and then watch her put them into action or make further connections to her little world.

Some observations of her learning that has affected my view on education:

* use all your senses – she likes to touch everything but has recently added in smelling and tasting to her repertoire and I think sometimes in the classroom we forget about senses other than seeing

* share your discoveries – Lexie loves to show us everything and anything and in fact her favourite word is “look” (although it comes out as “ack” right now)

* don’t underestimate the power of music – her newest acquisition is dancing to the beat when listening to music, but she does it while she’s immersed in doing something else so you just see her little bum wiggling, but it’s obvious that the music has had a positive effect.

* get excited – now that Lexie is learning new things on a daily basis, she gets SO excited! She wants to show us, the dog, her stuffed monkey, the butterfly on the wall and anyone else who might happen to be visiting…

As you can likely tell, I am a gushy new parent, but I feel like she has taught me so much about education. It’s amazing how someone so young can be a teacher, and perhaps that is the most prudent lesson I have learned from her. It is something I won’t forget when I return to the classroom.



4 thoughts on “Learning, learning, learning…

  1. I was hone with my three girls for 15 years…best teaching prep I had. My reach more as a teacher, because I know my power in the life of a young person. Enjoy Lexie and how she improves your teaching.

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