Presentations can be nerve-wracking- especially for a newbie presenter such as myself. Sure, as a teacher, one could argue that we should be master presenter because we do it all day for our students, but it’s a whole different ball game when you are presenting to your colleagues. It’s also super intimidating to be presenting in a style as prescriptive as a pecha kucha (20 slides at 20 seconds each) so you can imagine just how nervous I was heading into the pecha kucha session at the ECOO conference a few weeks ago.

I used speaker notes as the time line dictated that I couldn’t ad lib too much (but I did just because that’s me) but what I realized is that I don’t like writing speeches or completely preparing what I’m going to say. I guess I’ve learned that I like to ‘wing it’ so to speak. I also learned that you can deliver a lot of information in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

So… How can this experience help me in the classroom next year? Well…

-I can appreciate that it sometimes takes a lot of inner strength to get up and talk in front of your peers so I can cut my students some slack.
-I can understand that some students don’t like to be completely prepared as
that is more nerve wracking than having everything planned out.
-It is way more engaging to have slides with thought provoking images rather than bullets.
-Presentations can be short, sweet and to the point and just as effective as one that’s 20 minutes long.

Yet again, a very humbling learning experience for me and I am so thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful event!

For your viewing enjoyment, here is a trailer for the pecha kucha session prepared by Colin Jagoe. Also, here is my presentation and the link to the others. Enjoy!





4 thoughts on “Pecha Kucha

  1. Hi there,

    Though I haven’t done a Pecha Kucha myself, I’ve attended a few and absolutely love the forced format. They can be extremely well done and engaging, but also a complete bore.

    What I’d like to applaud is the 4 points you’ll take to the classroom as a result of this experience. Completely agree and will try to keep them in mind myself.

  2. Oh yes! Nerve-wracking indeed!

    You did a great job Jamie.

    The four points you make about the classroom are really important. We need to put ourselves through what we ask our kids to do. It is an eye-opener.

    I decided to go ‘pure’ for my PK turn. I wanted the slides to auto-advance every 20 seconds and I thought I had it nailed! Funny part, of course, is – the technology can play tricks on you. Because we had all the presentations loaded and ready to go, I think RAM was an issue in rendering the images – sooooo several slides hung up way longer than the desired 20 seconds! Tooooo funny!

    The good news is: we get to do it again for Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach’s PLP in January!

    Does it get easier? 🙂

    Jamie, I loved the humanity of the whole session. I think that was largely due to your leadership.

    Thank you

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