As many of you know, this year I’m away from the classroom on maternity leave. I had predicted that my mommy world would not have much of an education focus, but I was wrong. I’ve discovered that being a mommy and observing my daughter every day has taught me so much about education and learning.

When I watch my daughter looking at items like her animal flashcards or colorful stuffed animals or books, I can’t help but be mesmerized by her innocent and pure joy at what she is seeing. She gets so animated by these items that I can’t help but put on my teacher hat. If at six weeks these things get her excited, then we should be able to harness that same excitement and joy and use it to our advantage in the classroom. She is learning and having fun at the same time so why is it that we forget that fun is an integral part of learning?

I’ve also observed that another thing that also really excites her is personal interaction. She loves to coo and talk to us in person but also to her Grammy and Grampy over Skype. She had a wonderful time the other day listening and watching her Grammy and Grampy read her a story. Watching the interaction between my daughter and parents was really enlightening and thought provoking. We are definitely not the only family that uses this kind of technology so what must it be like for some of our students who use technology at home to come to school where very they use little to none on a regular basis? In putting myself in those tiny shoes, I don’t think I would be very engaged…

Good lessons for me to remember when I return to teaching next year…

As a side note, good luck to the future teachers of my child… πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Future Musings

  1. Hi Jamie,
    It’s so nice to hear that you are enjoying every moment! You’ll probably be amazed at how quickly your year goes by!

    I agree that becoming a parent makes you look at your students, and at learning in general, in such a new light. Children are such amazing learners before they come to us in school, and they are all the delight of a set of parents who are doing their best (we certainly hope so anyway!).

    I learned that keeping that joy of learning going was my job more than any curriculum expectation out there…because despite what you might teach them (or think you have taught them LOL), if they don’t feel that learning is something they can and want to do…it’s kind of game over!

    I’m on the other end of the spectrum from you this year. πŸ™‚ I’ve watched my 18 year old head off to University and finally get to study film production, something he only got to explore minimally during his high school days. It’s hard to be a Mom from afar, I’ll tell you that, but he’s seeming to handle it all well and is becoming independent. (Laundry is another story!)

    I’m so proud of his love of learning, and that he was able to make it through the seemingly tedious bits of school that didn’t fit with his passion…so that he could get on with this learning. I hope that with teachers like yourself in high schools, teachers who are passionate about giving kids more choices and encouraging joyful learning, there will be more kids, boys especially, that keep on learning for the love of it!

    1. Brenda,

      It’s so amazing that your son now has the opportunity to pursue what truly motivates him! Wish his love of learning, I’m sure he will be a success! πŸ™‚

      It’s also really interesting to hear thoughts from the other end of the spectrum as I can’t even imagine her at that stage… πŸ™‚

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