Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending Educon 2.2 in Philadelphia. It’s taken me a while to figure out exactly what I have been wanting to say about my experience there, but after a reflection period, I have my thoughts in order.

First of all, Educon is a wonderful experience! I felt so honoured to be sitting in the same rooms as some of the most forward thinkers in education. In many of the sessions I actually just sat and listened to what the others around me had to say as I knew I needed to take advantage of that opportunity.

Secondly, I attended Educon with a wonderful group of Ontario educators! It was amazing that I spent the weekend with Zoe Branigan-Pipe, Andrew Forgrave, Ben Hazzard, and Rodd Lucier. The five of us are from all different boards across Ontario and it was so amazing to have been able to share that time and good discussions with them.

Finally, what I appreciated the most about Educon was that it was attended by educators who are passionate about education and who want to see change andon a daily basis push the status quo . Sometimes it can be difficult to be striving for change when colleagues in your own school are hesitant and resistant. To be able to spend that weekend with others who feel the same way that I do about education was really a blessing and it gives me hope that we are starting to transition into something more than what we’ve traditionally been as teachers.

So thank you to the Science Learning Academy and all who were involved in such a wonderful experience. I truly appreciated every minute of my time in Philadelphia.


3 thoughts on “Educon

  1. Great reflection! And it was so great to meet you in person! You are definitely a very good listener and I really enjoyed discussing progressive education with you. Educon, was so amazing in so many ways, that it is hard for me to put the experience into words, however, you did that! I could have spent a week at SLA with all those great thinkers and movers in education! The experience was so rewarding and thought provoking. The hardest part of Educon, was arriving at work that Monday, greeted with the rudimentary demands of a school day. I wanted to just share out with everything I absorbed, but everyone was moving in different directions. I had so much to say and deliver, but few were listening. It’s good to know I could reflect with my PLN and can truly appreciate your reflective post!

    Finally, Congratulations on being certified Awesome!

  2. The positive effects of attending a conference with so many passionate teachers can motivate for quite some time! I attended virtually and have felt the same. It is similar to PLN I have established through these many connections. Thanks for sharing. The US was privileged to have such a fine group of educators visit.

  3. Thanks for posting Jamie! I have been hoping to catch some time to talk with you about your experience and learn some of the great things you must have discovered during your time. Maybe once we get over the “zoom zoom” rush of the beginning of the semester we can do that! Have a great Family Day weekend!

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