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We’re now into the second day of 2010 and for many people it’s resolution time, however, I prefer to use the term goal. Here are my professional goals for the second half of the school year.

1. Teach Creative Commons in the first few weeks of semester two. After listening to @thecleversheep ‘s presentation about Creative Commons at RCAC, I feel that it is so important for my students to be properly crediting their images. We spend a great deal of time teaching our students not to plagiarize text, but I think we forget that images are also part of the creative process and deserve proper credit.

2. Keep building and maintaining my PLN. In the last nine months, I have met (both online and f2f) some absolutely fabulous educators in the world! As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I owe a lot of credit for inspiration to the good people of my PLN on Twitter and they have really rejuvenated me as a teacher.

3. Keep pushing for a change in thinking about education. As a relatively young teacher, I have had difficulties getting other teachers to think in a new perspective. They have questioned my credibility (because I only five years of teaching under my belt) or think my 21st century skills and ideas are radical and unattainable which tends to leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth, but even after this frustration, I know that education needs to change and I want to help. I also know that there are educators out there who are experiencing this frustration too and if we can continue our grassroots effort pushing for change, it will eventually happen.

These are the goals that have been swirling about in my head for the past two weeks. Please feel free to add more or comment if you think I’ve overlooked any ideas.


4 thoughts on “Goals

  1. I’m glad to see goal 3. I’ve been teaching 20 years and I was recently at a workshop where the young teachers at the table with me were completely resistant to change or innovative thinking in education. I’m the one eager to try new things. All I kept thinking was, “I’m the one who’s supposed to be jaded and set in her ways; you’re supposed to be the ones storming the educational world.” So storm away and keep trying new things — that’s what keeps education fresh for students AND teachers!

  2. I love #3 Jamie because I understand what you are saying! I appreciate the work we have been doing and I just keep meditating on the Field of Dreams mantra, “If you build it, he will come”. If we keep working and encouraging, I am optimistic that others will recognize the benefits as well!

    I also love the idea of teaching Creative Commons to students. I’d love to sit and talk with you about this point because I think it is something that we could present to our colleagues in the spring!

  3. I am enjoying your blog. I arrived here after finding the link in an #edchat discussion. I also wanted to let you know that when I clicked on the Creative Commons link, I got a message that the page couldn’t be found. I had the same problem on another page. Is WordPress inserting these links? I was wondering how this worked.

    Don’t worry about the teachers who are resistant to new ideas. I’m 55 and only went back to teaching 6 years ago. I’m the “tech” person at my school and of course there are some teachers who are intimidated by computers, but surprisingly, many of them are the younger ones. I think they are still trying to feel comfortable with “traditional” teaching methods.

    Keep on doing what you do! You never know who you will influence.

    ~ Shayne

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