This fall I have been truly blessed as an educator. I have a very supportive administration and consequently, this has allowed me to be a part of many wonderful events facilitated by passionate educators here in Ontario. The most recent event was the RCAC Symposium held in London, Ontario. The event welcomed 400 educators, administrators, IT people and others to the “Forest City” and exceeded my expectations yet again!

I really enjoyed the opening keynote by David Jakes as well Leslie Fisher’s closing keynote! Both speakers were engaging and spoke on completely different topics which I really appreciated! I also attended break out sessions by Rodd Lucier (@thecleversheep) on Creative Commons and Leslie Fisher again discussing apps for iPod Touches and iPhones. I really appreciated attending both sessions as it gave me new knowledge (especially about Creative Commons) and some really fun apps to try out on my iPhone.

The other aspect of the conference that really delivered was the display of strength in our Ontario Educator PLN. Over the last few months, I have met some amazing Ontario educators who share a common passion – creating lifelong learners. It has been so rewarding to be a member of this motivated and enthusiastic group as I know that we have a common goal and are willing to put the required work in to see our dreams achieved. The other aspect of the group that I really appreciate is the support and openness to new ideas. Everyone in the group has a voice and others listen while that person is talking and I think sometimes that is a pretty rare trait in teachers. It makes everyone in the group feel valued and just knowing that there is so much mutual respect really allows for a culture of confidence and a strong support network. (Doug Peterson’s “A Community” blog is also on this topic and I highly recommend it for a further discussion of this topic.)

Consequently, I have a renewed spirit and confidence when it comes to my classroom. Sometimes it can be lonely being one of the few who are striving for change. Fighting battles on your own can also really deflate one’s self esteem but being involved in this group changes those feelings. So, in closing, thank you to my ON Educator PLN for keeping my fire burning and passion for education strong.

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4 thoughts on “RCAC

  1. Hopefully you don’t feel completely alone in this realm once back in the building – just remember the Field of Dreams mantra: “If you build it, he will come”. It takes time but it will happen!

  2. It was good to have a quick chat at the Tweetup that you and zbpipe organized. I’m glad that you feel the same way that I do towards the group that is connected in this manner. The question is one of how do we make it grow? Or, is it important that it grow given that we have all of these other wonderful connections?

  3. Doug, RCAC left me energized and broke (thanks to Leslie’s recommendations) 🙂

    Can’t wait to get back to school on Monday and try a few things!

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