School begins in one week from Tuesday and here I am already starting to get the first day of school butterflies in my tummy. I am about to embark on my fifth year of teaching, and although my butterflies are not as bad as my first year, they are still present. I think; however, that this is a normal reaction for many teachers and it’s just a matter of preparation. So I thought I would share how I’m going to prepare for the first day and first week of the school year.

One Week in Advance:

-> visit the school twice to rearrange my classroom, check my class lists, update the computer sign-out binder, (yes, we are still working with paper to sign out our computers…) confirm that our department laptops are in working order, and access any resources that are not currently available to me online

-> start lesson planning my first week complete with booking out computer time for students to learn/revisit Google Docs, Edmodo and my wiki

-> review long range plans for school year (I’m using Google Calendar to keep an eye on dates for my units)

-> update/keep building wiki

Weekend Before School Begins:

-> go for long relaxing walk with husband and dog

-> visit with friends (who are coincidentally teachers in my board… no shop talk allowed!)

-> relish sleeping in

Day Before First Day of School:

-> plan my outfit for school (a girl’s gotta look good, right?)

-> review my lesson plans for the week

-> complete any last updates on my wiki

-> enjoy a relaxing evening with my husband and dog

-> pack my nutritious lunch for the first day

-> get a good night’s sleep

Now that you know how I’m going to prepare for the first day of school, I would love to hear how everyone else preps. Please feel free to offer comments, suggestions, or tips as I love to hear how others mentally prepare for their classes! On that note, good luck to all who are about to begin or who have already begun their school years! Hopefully the 2009-2010 school year is your best!


One thought on “Butterflies

  1. A good night’s sleep? how do you do that? 😉
    I’m going to try using edmodo for the first time this year. Since I’m going to be at a new school, there are a bunch of other things that I’m anxious about. It’s like being a first year teacher all over again.

    Best of luck and have a great year. I look forward to sharing media ideas with you!

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