As another school year approaches, I’ve been hard at work preparing for my students. I have been inspired to incorporate more technology than ever into my classes thanks to Twitter and taking the PB Works Summer Camp. For this specific school year, I am designing a classroom wiki that will be used as a means or organizing my classroom resources and assignments, but also as a collaborative workspace for my students.

After completing the PB Works Summer Camp, I have realized how much this program can do for me as an organizational tool, but also how powerful it can be as a collaboration tool. I had used a wiki last year in a blog style, but I really did not even scratch the surface of its potential. I am excited, therefore, to see how enriched my classroom activities will be with this new tool.

Finally, I just wanted to wish all my colleagues who are heading back to the classroom or who are already there, good luck with this new school year! I have high hopes for incorporating more technology into my classroom and I’m excited to hear how others using it in their classrooms! It is a great to be teaching with this era of collaboration!


2 thoughts on “New School Year

  1. I’d love to see your classroom wiki – I teach AQ students and need exemplars to show them about web 2.0 technology. I am totally new to wikis, so if you can’t share, maybe you can point me to some resources? Thanks.

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