One of the classes I taught this semester was an English Media Studies class and the students were required to keep a ‘Media Log’ so I created a ‘Media Blog’ where they could express their thoughts and opinions online. A lot of the students were a little hesitant at the outset; however by the end of the course, many of the students really appreciated the opportunity to have their voice heard and as a teacher, I find it rewarding to hear that this was a task they actually enjoyed. Also, reading their postings was by far the most pleasurable marking I’ve ever done as it allowed me to see their critical analysis skills as well as their perspectives on the media.  Here is the link to our media blog if anyone is interested:

Here is one student’s comment about the media blog:

“The blogs were AMAZING! Never have I ever had a chance to rant about issues in our society. Doing these blogs allowed me to want to learn about upcoming events, daily news and other various things. If you cut the blogs from the curriculum, I think that the class would not be half of what it was.”

Feedback such as the previous comment really has me thinking of the potential for the use of blogs and wikis in the classroom. In four years of marking assessments, the blog responses demonstrated by far some of the most thoughtful, insightful and critical analysis from students. It really is a motivator for me to create ways to incorporate more Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.

My blog experiment is just one method of using blogs and wikis in the classroom.  How do other educators incorporate the use of blogs and wikis in their classroom?


One thought on “Blogging in the Classroom

  1. Hello Jamie,
    I’m an English teacher from Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been blogging with my students for two years. My students are young learners (10-year-olds) Before I start, I didn’t know that a blog would make a really big difference in their attitude to my lesson. It’s great to know that the class blog is the first place they visit on the web when they turn on their computer at home. I love to see their comments!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas. I will be following your blog. My EFL blog is where you can links to my class blog as well.
    All the best,

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