I am submitting an application to become part of a PLN about technology in education for our school board and it really has me contemplating my own professional development. I am a relatively new teacher (approaching the end of my fourth year) and I’m reaching a point in my career where I feel that I have enough of a handle on lesson planning, marking, and general day to day classroom requirements that I can branch out and explore new and exciting ideas in education. Hence, my addiction to Twitter.

I’ve been using Twitter extensively since about April and have done my best to only follow people related to education. It is in this sense of community and inquiry-driven environment that I feel I am receiving some of the best professional development of my career. It is so interesting to follow such education specialists as Will Richardson as his ideas (as well as many other educators) have really inspired me to contemplate my current teaching philosophy to reflect a focus on our 21st century learners.  I also really appreciate the willingness to share, reflect, offer insight/advice/support, and general knowledge that I have gained through my connections on Twitter.

In essence, I guess this blog is more of a thank you to those members of my Twitter community for opening my eyes to the potential, possibilities and excitement for the future of education. I really feel that this is the best professional development of my year/career and I am looking forward to continuing this aspect of lifelong learning.



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